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CleopatraWolf is a traditional artist (check out her deviantART profile here!) whose favorite anime is Yu-Gi-Oh! and her favorite character is Seto Kaiba. She’s a big fan of the Azureshipping (Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki/T√©a Gardner) pairing. She enjoys drawing in the manga style, and she hopes to one day become a professional comic artist.

Unrelated to Yu-Gi-Oh!, CleopatraWolf is a fan of the Silent Hill video game series, as well as Okami, the Persona series, and Metal Gear Solid. She also enjoys rock and J-Pop music.

She lives in the United States.

And now, an exclusive interview with the artist behind “Along the Way!”

AZURITE: What got you interested in Yu-Gi-Oh!?

CLEOPATRAWOLF:¬†I started liking Yu-Gi-Oh! when I was very young, I think it was back when I was in 8th grade, so I might have been 14 years old.¬†I remember the only thing I ever watched was Pok√©mon, but once I watched one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, I was hooked.¬†Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with it.

A: What got you interested in the Azureshipping pairing?

CW:¬†I believe my interest for Azureshipping was born from episode 24 (Editor’s note: The English 4Kids dub Episode 24, “Face Off (Part 3 of 3)” was known as “Multiplying Kuriboh! The Shocking Conclusion” in the original Japanese series). After I saw that episode I just couldn’t get the idea of the two together out of my head.¬†It was such an interesting concept for me, two people who were completely opposite falling in love. The more I thought about it the more I realized that these two are¬†in some strange way not mean to be and at the same time perfect for each other.

A: What got you started in drawing?

CW:¬†I’ve been drawing my whole life. I can’t really remember when I first started.¬†I’m always happiest when I am creating something.Throughout my life, in school, I’ve been blessed enough to have always been the best drawer in all of my classes growing up. That’s one reason why I love DeviantArt so much, now.¬†I can see other artist my own age that are much better than I am. I like to use that as inspiration to improve my skills the best that I possibly can.

A: Who are your inspirations?

CW:¬†Another huge inspiration [besides the other artists on DeviantArt, mentioned in the previous question] for me is Kazuki Takahashi. I’ve always adored him very much since he is the mastermind behind Yu-Gi-Oh!¬†Hayao Miyazaki is also an extremely inspirational artist. Any time I ever watch one of his movies, I leave feeling completely inspired. There’s not much to say other than he is an artistic¬†genius.

A: What is the most challenging thing about drawing the comic?

CW:¬†There are a lot of challenges that come with drawing the comic. One would be the size of the paper. I have to make the comic page the size of a normal printer page, but I’d like to make it bigger.¬†Unfortunately, I have to leave it this size because otherwise it would not fit in my scanner.

Another challenge is anatomy. I’ve worked very hard throughout the comic to improve this but there is¬†always room for more improvement. My goal is that as the comic goes the pages will become better in quality.
And the last huge challenge for me is time. I try very hard to finish each page as quickly as possible while still trying to keep the quality.
I do this because I know that all the readers don’t want to wait too long between pages. And if it ever does take me an extended amount of time between pages then there is good reasoning behind it, like I was sick or on a vacation.

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